"We're the type of cold you want to have"


Chicago Ice Works guarantees prompt delivery, personalized service and superior products that you can depend on.

Our coverage area includes all of the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Our two- man crews will set up your display at your designated time and location, or we can deliver your carving to be stored in your freezer. Once the sculpture is in place, it will last at room temperature (70 degrees) for eight to ten hours!



Owner Jim Bringas has been ice sculpting for more than 22 years. Prior to joining Chicago Ice Works he was an Executive Sous Chef with Hyatt Hotels. Jim's years at Hyatt gave him an understanding of clients' special needs and designs for quality ice displays.

In 1992 Jim joined Chicago Ice Works as an apprentice to Maurie Pearson, a world- renowned ice sculptor. Jim refined his skills and talents for ice sculpting over the next five years under the wing of Maurie, showing an eye for detail and perfection. In August of 1998 Maurie relocated to La Crosse, Wisconsin "God's Country" and Jim and his wife, Lisett, purchased Chicago Ice Works.

Lisett brings more than 22 years of event planning experience to the company. From 1990-98 she was the Director of Catering and Banquets for the Rosewood Restaurant in Rosemont. Prior to that she was employed by Hyatt Hotels, working in several customer contact areas. Her extensive knowledge of client relations and experience with event planning enables her to assist your particular needs.

For more than 19 years, Chicago Ice Works has had the pleasure of serving the Chicago area and beyond with quality ice sculptures. We thank you for your continued support, and we'd be glad to help you create a memorable sculpture for your next event.

– Jim and Lisett Bringas


"My years at Hyatt have contributed to my understanding of your special needs and designs for quality ice displays."

– Jim Bringas,
Owner / Sculptor

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